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MARYSVILLE, WASHINGTON – April 1, 2005 – Precision Airmotive LLC makes major progress in the development of the “EAGLE EMS” (electronic engine management system) designed for Lycoming, Continental, Superior, and other engine manufacturers.

The “EAGLE EMS”, has been developed as an all new ‘turn key’ integrated engine management system designed to replace the current RSA fuel injection system and electromechanical magneto ignition system.

The goal of this program was to create a low-cost integrated single system that combines electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition. Designed for high-volume users of engines such as flight schools and FBO rental operations, this new system will provide dramatic cost savings through reduced engine maintenance and far more efficient engine operation.

Fleet operators of these aircraft will profit from a measurable decrease in operating costs associated with the high use of their aircraft. With the Eagle EMS installed, the benefits of better fuel economy, easier hot or cold starting, optimized fuel/air mixture at all operating conditions, and improved low speed idle and taxi operations will be realized.

The “Eagle EMS” is composed of seven primary components, integrated into a single system. Together, these components create a management system that automatically ensures proper engine operating conditions at all times. Developing an engine management system that continuously monitors engine operation while consistently adjusting for all atmospheric conditions, creates a more reliable and better-performing aircraft, while simultaneously reducing unnecessary engine wear and abuse.

For aircraft being continuously flown by pilots of all skill levels, the Eagle EMS makes sure unnecessary engine wear and abuse are a thing of the past.

The benefits are apparent.

Watch our website, www.precisionairmotive.com, for future updates.

Precision manufactures RSA fuel injection systems supplying Servos, Flow Dividers, and Nozzles for Lycoming fuel injected engines, with the latest maintenance and troubleshooting supporting data.

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