Helpful Hints for Navigating Our Catalog

The catalog is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  In order to view the catalog, you need to have Excel or a compatible program installed on your computer.

The tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet direct you to categories of products.

You may not be able to see all of the tabs on the screen at once.  The arrow buttons in the lower-left-hand corner will let you move back and forth in the tabs list to see all of the tabs.

You may not be able to see all of the information in the spreadsheet at once.  The scroll bars in the lower-right-hand corner and on the right-hand side of the spreadsheet will let you move around in the spreadsheet to see all of the information.

The catalog will open in a new window so that you can read the catalog while continuing to browse our website.

If you have trouble opening the catalog to read it online, try saving it to your hard drive instead.  Then open the copy on your hard drive.


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