Benefits of Using the "EAGLE EMS"


 1) Fuel Economy
The primary benefit of operating your aircraft with the Eagle EMS is reduced fuel cost.  The EMS constantly calculates proper mixture settings, thereby saving fuel.


 2) Ease of Starting
Whether hot or cold, at sea level or a mile high, the Eagle EMS ensures that engines start quickly.


 3) Consistent Performance in All Atmospheric Conditions
The Eagle EMS eliminates the need to manually set the engine's mixture.  The pilot operates only the throttle while the system determines the optimum mixture.  This results in consistent, maximum engine performance.


 4) Ease of Operation
By eliminating the pilot's duty to properly set the mixture control, the Eagle EMS reduces pilot workload.  This is a tremendous benefit to student pilots who are easily distracted from flying the aircraft due to cockpit management tasks.


 5) Reduced Maintenance Costs
The Eagle EMS properly manages engine performance throughout the entire engine operating range.  This proper operation directly translates into less engine and engine component wear and tear, reducing maintenance expenses and aircraft downtime.


 6) Improved Low Speed Operation
By continuously optimizing the fuel/air mixture, long periods of engine idle or taxi will not load the engine up or cause spark plug fouling.  In a flight training environment, students and instructors may spend considerable time in the aircraft at idle.


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