Standard Ignition and Fuel System


The Eagle EMS

Higher idle speeds mean more braking, accelerating brake wear.

Smoother running, especially at idle, allows for lower idle speeds.

The pilot needs to manually adjust the mixture for all atmospheric conditions and altitudes.

Elimination of the mixture control lever reduces pilot workload.  The system automatically compensates for atmospheric conditions and altitudes.

Prolonged cranking for hot starts and in cold conditions reduces battery and starter life.

Significantly improved starting performance extends battery and starter life.

Constant manipulation of the mixture is necessary to achieve optimum power and performance.

Automatic, constant fuel and ignition compensation, providing for optimum power at all altitudes and atmospheric conditions.

Plugs foul in extended idle situations, lessening engine efficiency and leading to a rough-running engine. 

Smoother running at idle means less carbon buildup on internal engine parts, longer spark plug life, and a cleaner-running engine.

No redundancy in the fuel system: only one fuel system with no backup capability in the event of a failure.

Redundant fuel system, due to the primary and secondary systems within the Electronic Control Unit (ECU).



Added Value Comparisons

Approximate list price of a new fuel injection system: $6400 (for IO-360 engine).

List price of the Eagle EMS: $10,750.00.

Approximate list price of two impulse coupled magnetos: $1588.00.  For two non-impulse coupled magnetos, $1476.00.  The list price of the magnetos plus the fuel injection system may range from approximately $7900 to over $8000, not including any magneto inspections.

The Eagle EMS has no magnetos.

Therefore, no magneto inspections are required.

TBO costs may vary depending on magneto inspection requirements and intervals.  These inspections can be as often as every 500 hours and cost $400-plus per magneto.

The Eagle EMS is supported by a warranty program of two years, or 1,000 hours of operation, whichever occurs first.  There is also a full TBO warranty on a Lamar starter when it is installed with the Eagle EMS system.


"The benefits are apparent!"


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