Eagle EMS Installation Photos

These pictures are from builders who have installed the Eagle EMS on their aircraft.  The most recently posted (or updated) photosets are at the top of the page.

NOTE:  The pictures on this page are thumbnails.  When you click on a thumbnail or its caption, the full-sized version of the picture will open in a new browser window.

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Dave Marcum (posted 12-10-2008; new pictures added 12-07-2009)
Precision Airmotive Test Plane (posted 2-05-2009 - includes videos!!)
Jim Skala (posted 12-10-2008)


Dave Marcum
Aircraft model: Van's RV-8

Engine model: Lycoming IO-360 Angle Valve

dm-ecu-coils.jpg (124053 bytes)

dm-distrib.jpg (117005 bytes)

dm-batt-pmm.jpg (93649 bytes)

ECU & Coils mounted on Firewall


Battery & Power Management Module mounted on back side of Firewall (in luggage compartment)

dm-injector.jpg (85729 bytes)

dm-panel.jpg (87842 bytes)

Instrument Panel showing Eagle EMS components: Lean Pot, Laptop Ports, and 5-Amp Breakers


dm-taxi.jpg (64132 bytes) dm-takeoff.jpg (50987 bytes)


Taking Off

Dave's plane now has a spiffy new paint job, and he's shared some pictures of the new look:

dm2-extleft.jpg (47849 bytes) dm2-extright.jpg (56254 bytes)

dm2-turnprop.jpg (51524 bytes)

Plane Exterior - Left Side

Plane Exterior - Right Side

Turning the Prop

dm2-samclose.jpg (62786 bytes) dm2-cargosurprise.jpg (57431 bytes)

Close-Up of "Mr. Sam" 

Dave's new paint job comes with a surprise under the cargo hatch!  Also, note the Eagle EMS components (PMM & battery) visible on the front wall of the compartment.

dm-extleft.jpg (84327 bytes)
Plane with Pilot

Dave, thank you very much for sharing your photos.  Nice looking plane!!

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Precision Airmotive Test Plane
Aircraft model: Van's RV-6A

Engine model: Lycoming IO-360-A1A

pa-plane-rear.jpg (70276 bytes)

pa-plane-leftside.jpg (71350 bytes)

pa-plane-rightside.jpg (69636 bytes)

Rear View of Plane, still parked in Hangar

Left Side View, in position and ready to start

Right Side View (on a sunnier day when the plane was more photogenic)

pa-batt-pmm.jpg (124968 bytes)

pa-distrib-coils.jpg (102206 bytes)

pa-overhead.jpg (119472 bytes)

Battery & Power Management Module mounted on Firewall and Engine Mount

Distributor & Coils

Overhead View of Engine Compartment

pa-injector.jpg (94211 bytes)

pa-cht.jpg (101216 bytes)


CHT Probe

Throttle Body with other system components.  The near right picture shows the IAT probes (MAP sensors are just above).  The far right picture shows the linkages.

pa-tbody-iats.jpg (65359 bytes)

pa-tbody-links.jpg (90184 bytes)

IAT Probes Linkages
pa-panel.jpg (92655 bytes)

Instrument Panel.  The Eagle EMS leaning potentiometer (lean pot) is located at top center; the cockpit annunciator is on the center column, just below the prop governor.  The 5-amp breakers are the two black circles on the bottom row of the panel.  Also, note the absence of a manual mixture control lever on the center column - that function has been taken over by the EMS system.

Videos of our Test Plane with the Eagle EMS Installed

(For Download ONLY)

Taxiing (10.4 MB, 0:30) - "Runnin' smooth!"

Low Speed Idle (17.9 MB, 0:51) - "500 RPM, still smooth!"

Like the captions say, with the Eagle EMS installed, the engine runs very smoothly - even while idling at speeds as low as 500 RPM.  In the idle video, you can hear some change in the engine's note as the operator adjusts the mixture, but the engine continues to run smoothly right up until idle cutoff.

Taking Off (12.5 MB, 0:36) Starting Procedure (21.6 MB, 1:02) - Our engineering manager narrates the procedure for starting the plane with the Eagle EMS installed.

Download the videos to your own computer to watch them, rather than viewing them directly on our website.  RIGHT-click the picture (or the link in the caption), choose "Save Target As" from the pop-up menu, and then browse to the location on your computer where you wish to save the video.

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Jim Skala
Aircraft model: Van's RV-7A

Engine model: Lycoming IO-320

js-coil.jpg (102018 bytes)

js-distrib.jpg (109824 bytes)

js-ecu.jpg (98952 bytes)

Coil attached to Engine Mount



js-ecu-batt.jpg (107650 bytes)

js-tbody.jpg (81093 bytes)

Throttle Body in Updraft Configuration, with Airbox Mounting Plate

ECU & Battery mounted on Firewall

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