Cast vs. Machined: The Difference

Since the late 1950s, RSA Fuel Injection Servos have been manufactured by casting, which is pouring molten metal into a mold, or cast.  One problem with casting is porosity, which is a void in the casted material (in this case, aluminum).  When the molten aluminum is poured into the cast, air bubbles, or voids, can form.

Recently, Precision Airmotive started machining the RSA-5AD1 Servos out of solid aluminum billet.  The benefits are apparent.  Since the process starts with a solid piece rather than molten metal, porosity is no longer an issue.  Also, machined servos are slimmer in size, yet stronger than cast servos.  With technology as it is today, it costs the same to machine servos out of solid aluminum billet as it does to cast them.  Finally, the machined servos are much nicer-looking when they are finished in black anodize.

The Silver Hawk EX (experimental) Servos are also machined instead of cast, and they are clear-coat anodized.  In the future, all of the RSA Servo product line will ultimately be machined.


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