Flow Divider/Nozzle Kit Application Chart

for Lycoming Engines


Flow Divider / Nozzle Kits for your Lycoming engine!  We introduced these kits as a means of saving our customers money while providing access to quality parts backed by the best product support in the industry.  The benefits are readily apparent!

Each kit includes a flow divider and a set of factory nozzles.

There is a cost savings in purchasing a kit vs. buying the components separately.

The kits have the same warranty as all of our other Precision products.

We have the kits in stock and ready to ship.  We also drop ship if needed.


This chart is for reference only.  For specific application information, or if there is any doubt about an application, refer to the aircraft equipment list or contact the engine manufacturer.

Component part numbers and quantities show the flow divider on top, the nozzles on the bottom.







2576615 2524232-2 LW-2524232-2 1 IO-360, IO-320
2524864-2 LW-18265 4
2576616 2524232-2 LW-2524232-2 1 IO-540
2524864-2 LW-18265 6
2576617 2524232-2 LW-2524232-2 1 TIO-540
2524917-1 LW-18854 6
2576618 2524232-2 LW-2524232-2 1 TIO-540
2524923-1 LW-18853 6
2576620 2524232-2 LW-2524232-2 1 TIO-540
2524926-1 LW-18855 6
2576621 2524610-2 LW-2524610-2 1 IO-720
2524864-2 LW-18265 8
2576622 2576564-1 LW-2576564 1 IO-360, IO-320
2524864-2 LW-18265 4
2576635 2576564-1 LW-2576564 1 IO-540 (Cessna 182)
2524864-2 LW-18265 6
2576636 2576526-1 LW-2576526-1 1 IO-540 (Robinson R44)
2524864-2 LW-18265 6


FRIENDLY REMINDER:  It is your responsibility to retain the fittings from your core flow divider.  When you return the core for core credit, do not send the fittings along with the core.  Precision Airmotive flow divider/nozzle kits do not come with replacement fittings or lines.

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