Prior to 1988: Owned by Bendix.
  1988: Purchased by Precision Airmotive Corporation.
Present day: Precision Airmotive Fuel Injection Systems.


Bendix started out with Bendix-Stromberg float carburetors - a competitor of Marvel-Schebler.

Bendix - Pressure carburetors: This fuel control helps eliminate possible carburetor ice because the throttle valve is situated ahead of the main nozzle. It can be mounted in any attitude on the aircraft because it has no float bowl. This translates into better metering for more effective fuel distribution which means better fuel management.

Bendix RS fuel injection systems: Designed from the pressure carburetor, the RS system eliminates the main jet that pressure carburetors have. Instead, it meters fuel directly to the cylinders by way of a splitter valve or flow divider out to a nozzle into each individual cylinder. It also incorporates a return-to-tank line.

Bendix RSA fuel injection system: A more refined system than the RS, this system eliminates the return-to-tank line and allows for better fuel management. RSA  = inline stem-type regulator injection system.

All of the above fuel controls are still in use today.


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