Silver Hawk EX Installation Photos

These pictures are from builders who are incorporating the Silver Hawk EX into their aircraft.  The most recently posted (or updated) photosets are at the top of the page.

NOTE:  The pictures on this page are thumbnails.  When you click on a thumbnail or its caption, the full-sized version of the picture will open in a new browser window.

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Sebastian Trost (posted 3-08-2006; updated 6-11-2007)
John Vanderzyde (posted 7-13-2006)
John D'Onofrio (posted 5-09-2006)
Scott Chastain (posted 3-08-2006)
Randy Weselmann
Theo Celis




Randy Weselmann (pictures coming soon)
Silver Hawk Model:  EX-5VA1
Engine Model:  IO-320-E2D
Aircraft Model: PIEL BERYL


Theo Celis (pictures coming soon)
Silver Hawk Model:  EX-5VA1
Engine Model:  IO-320-E2D
Aircraft Model: Van's RV-7A


Sebastian Trost (pictures posted 3-08-2006; updated 6-11-2007)
Silver Hawk Model:  EX-5VA1
Engine Model:  Teledyne Mattituck Experimental IO-360
Aircraft Model: Van's RV-7A QuickBuild Tipup

st-enginefront.jpg (140650 bytes)

st-sideview.jpg (163694 bytes)

Engine - Front View

Side View

st-flying.jpg (110373 bytes)

st-flying-close.jpg (136846 bytes)

Plane in Flight Plane Flying - Closeup

Update from Sebastian:  "I've been flying since September 2006, and I'm finally getting some flying pictures to you!  Just got them this weekend. You can add them to your customer collection. The engine is running great, love the Silver Hawk!"

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John Vanderzyde (pictures posted 7-13-2006)
Silver Hawk Model:  EX-5VA1

Engine Model:  Lycoming O-360-A3A

Aircraft Model:  Van's RV-6A

jv-mixtureside.jpg (59434 bytes)

jv-throttle.jpg (60153 bytes)

jv-airboxfront.jpg (65674 bytes)

Mixture Control Side View


Airbox Front View

jv-mixtureangle.jpg (62243 bytes)

jv-plane.jpg (71592 bytes)

Mixture Control Angle View


John says: "I installed the Fuel servo on my Van's RV-6A with a Lycoming O-360-A3A, turning a Harzell CS prop. After a slight idle mixture and speed adjustment, it runs perfectly. The engine has been completely overhauled, with high compression pistons, polished ports, and an electronic ignition. The plane is flight ready. The maiden flight should be in the next few days."

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John D'Onofrio (pictures posted 5-09-2006)
Silver Hawk Model:  EX-5VA1
Engine Model:  Superior IO-36-B1A2
Aircraft Model: Van's RV-8

This set of pictures shows John's workaround for resolving the issue of the mixture control lever interfering with the airbox in certain installations. As you can see in the pictures, John did a masterful job. However, this situation can be avoided by ordering the Silver Hawk with the alternate rotation mixture configuration. See the Kits & Applications page for details, or contact Product Support if you have any questions.

jd-airboxmod.jpg (60876 bytes)

Ordinarily, the throat of the servo would be in the middle of the airbox mounting plate. Here, the plate is positioned off-center relative to the servo to prevent the mixture control lever from coming into contact with the airbox. In the alternate rotation mixture configuration, the mixture lever points toward the top of the servo, so that lever-airbox contact isn't an issue.

Airbox Modification


jd-angleview.jpg (47211 bytes)

Fully-assembled airbox in place on the servo, seen from above and from the right side of the aircraft. Note the position of the mixture control lever on the right side of the picture, partially obscured by the airbox.

jd-frontview.jpg (51095 bytes)

Airbox seen from the front of the aircraft. Again, the airbox is positioned off-center to accommodate the mixture control lever.

Airbox Angle View

Airbox Front View



jd-mixtureview.jpg (49189 bytes)

Airbox seen from the left side of the aircraft, with a close-up view of the mixture control lever.  Note how the lever protrudes into the space that the airbox would ordinarily occupy.

jd-panel.jpg (69481 bytes)

Mixture Control View



alternateconfig.jpg (77218 bytes)

Silver Hawk EX with the alternate rotation mixture configuration, photographed at our shipping desk on its way out the door.  (It was a busy day in Shipping, which explains why someone's arm is in the picture.)  There are two main differences from the standard configuration.  First, the fuel line connects on the opposite side of the servo from the mixture control lever.  Second, the mixture control lever's range of motion is toward the top of the servo, not the bottom.  This solves the problem of lever-airbox contact that can occur in certain installations with the standard configuration of the Silver Hawk EX.

Again, if you have any questions about Silver Hawk EX configurations, please contact Product Support.

Alternate Configuration

John, thank you for sharing your pictures and for giving others the opportunity to benefit from your experience.  Very nicely done!

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Scott Chastain (pictures posted 3-08-2006)
Silver Hawk Model:  EX-5VA1

Engine Model:  Aero Sport Power IO-360-A1A

Aircraft Model: Van's RV-8

sc-throttle.jpg (57442 bytes)

sc-mixture.jpg (57076 bytes)

sc-bottomview.jpg (61013 bytes)



Bottom View

sc-throttlecablehookup.jpg (54500 bytes)

sc-panel.jpg (78097 bytes)

Throttle Cable Hookup


Scott's plane is a few months away from completion.  He'll share more pictures as he makes more progress.  We look forward to seeing what it looks like when it's all done!

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