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The front page of our website; what you first see when you browse to  In addition to some basic information about our company, this page contains a few links to "Latest News" items on the What's New page.

About Us

A more detailed overview of our company and our products.

What's New

This page contains all kinds of news items: service bulletins; new and updated information about our products; dates of holiday closures; changes to the website; and aviation events we will be attending.

Out of all the pages on our website, this is the one that changes the most often.  To keep up with what's happening at Precision, make this page a regular stop when you visit our website.

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This page contains links to the following:

Contact information for Precision Airmotive and for key personnel in Customer Service and Product Support.

Lists of our distributors and warranty repair centers.

The feedback page, where you can ask questions and leave comments regarding our company, our products, and our website.

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This page contains links to the following:

Frequently asked questions about our company and our products.

Detailed, product-specific support for RSA Fuel Injection, the Silver Hawk EX experimental fuel injection system, and the Eagle EMS electronic engine management system.  The product-specific pages in turn include information such as product line histories, manuals, troubleshooting guides, service publications, engine applications, and product warranty information.

The Service Publications page: the latest Manuals, Service Bulletins, and Service Information Letters for Precision Airmotive's fuel injection systems.

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In addition to the catalog itself, this page contains:

Information on locating product categories in the catalog.

Links to product support information for these product categories.

Helpful hints for navigating the catalog.

Product warranty information.


Who to contact if you have identified a product you would like to order or receive more information about.

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About Our Site

Technical information about our website and acknowledgements for the providers of some of the tools used on our site.

Site Directory

This page; the one that you are reading right now.


Links to other websites which may be useful to you: aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers, and aviation events we regularly attend.

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