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Service Publications Updates

On the Service Publications page, we have updated the Index of Manuals, Bulletins, and Service Information Letters to the latest revision (Rev. AG, December 19, 2016).  You can check in the Index to make sure you're up-to-date with the latest publications for your Fuel Injection system.  You can read it online; or, if you prefer, call us and order a hard copy of the Index at no charge, P/N 15-895.

Another addition to the Service Publications page is that the list of documents now includes the publication dates.  This was in direct response to feedback from one of our website users.  Thank you for the suggestion!

If you have suggestions, comments, or feedback about the Service Publications page, or about anything on the website, please let us know.

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Satisfaction Survey

If you use any of our fuel control products, please take a few moments to complete our online Product Satisfaction Survey.  Whether you're a kit plane builder, a pilot, a mechanic, a flight school instructor, or whatever, we'd like to hear about your experience with our products.

The survey takes just a few minutes to complete.  After you finish, you'll be directed back to our website's main page.  To take the survey, click on this link.  Thank you in advance for your time and input! 


Eagle EMS: More Systems Take Flight!!

There are many Eagles systems flying. These Eagle systems are installed in various airframes and different 4 cylinder engines.

Mike Kerzie's airplane flies to 26,900 feet with the Eagle EMS installed has taken to the air and you can see the maiden flight on YouTube!! Click here to see the video (it will open in a new browser window).

Also, don't forget to check out our customers' installation photos. Visit the "EAGLE EMS"  page and scroll down to the "Installation Photos" link.

In addition to pictures of customers' Eagle EMS installations, we also have pictures and videos of our own test plane, an RV-6A.  The videos show the plane starting up, taxiing, taking off, and putting the Eagle's capabilities to the test by idling as low as 500 RPM while the engine continues to run smoothly.

UPDATE:  Dave Marcum's plane has a snazzy new paint job, and he's sent us some new pictures.  Have a look at the EMS Installation Photos page -- you'll be in for a treat and even a surprise or two.

If you would like to share pictures of your own Eagle EMS installation on our website, please contact Alan Jesmer and we'll work out the details of getting your pictures online.

We also have Eagle EMS support documents available for download!  Go to the "EAGLE EMS"  page, scroll down to the "Support Documents" bullet point, and click on the link.  The Owner's Manual, the Installation Manual, the Wiring Harness Order Form, and the Post-Installation Troubleshooting Guide are all just a few mouse clicks away. 

If you haven't visited the Eagle EMS page in a while, you'll notice that we have a page of Frequently Asked Questions, written to address technical and installation questions in-depth.  Our first Eagle Q&A page, written to address more general questions about the system, is still online.  If you have any questions (whether general or specific) about the system, please check these two pages first.  If you still have questions after reading the pages, please e-mail your questions to Alan Jesmer and we will do our best to either incorporate them into the question pages and/or get back to you with answers.  As always, thank you for asking! 

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The "Silver Hawk EX" Fuel Injection System

*NEW* EX235-1, EX235-1R & EX235-2 are now available for use on engines ranging from 100 - 140 horsepower. Available with reverse rotation mixture control and either single point or multi-port fuel injection. These systems do not require a return to tank line or purge valve. Click on Silver Hawk page for more information.

The "SILVER HAWK EX" online photo gallery.  The gallery is a collection of pictures contributed by builders who are incorporating the Silver Hawk into their aircraft.  

If you'd like to share pictures of your own Silver Hawk installation on our website, please contact Alan Jesmer.  One thing we'd be particularly interested in is pictures of the Silver Hawk with the alternate rotation mixture configuration.  Also, if you already have pictures in the gallery and you'd like to share updated pictures of your installation (for instance, if your plane is now finished), send the new pictures to Alan and we'll post them online with your other pictures. 

The "SILVER HAWK EX" is Precision Airmotive's premier fuel control system for experimental aircraft, and we are proud to support the experimental market by making this fuel control available and prominently featuring it among our product offerings.  Read all about it here, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Website Changes
Our website is past the "extreme makeover" phase, but we still see it as a work in progress.  We're almost always updating or changing something, in response to your feedback and due to new information becoming available.  As always, we're grateful for your compliments and suggestions.

In case you're wondering what kind of changes we've been making on the website, here are some of the highlights:

Redesigned the front page to make product-line-specific information more readily available
Added our company contact information to the footer of most of the pages on the site
Reorganized the RSA Support section to make it easier to find product-specific information
Added publication dates to the Service Publications page

Reorganized and expanded the Eagle EMS information and placed a link to it on the Support page

Expanded and reorganized the Silver Hawk EX section

Most of these changes, especially  to the Silver Hawk section, are in direct response to feedback from you, our website users.  So please keep those suggestions coming!  Rest assured, we do read every one of them and we act on a good number of them.

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RSA Fuel Injection System Maintenance Video

Precision Airmotive's Maintenance Video for the RSA  fuel control covers the same information that the video tape did, but it's now available in interactive CD-ROM format.  Contact Alan Jesmer if you are interested in getting a copy.

NOTE:  The RSA Maintenance Video is not a DVD.  Please refer to the FAQ for further details.


Cast vs. Machined

In answer to the questions we have received regarding cast vs. machined fuel control systems, we have added this topic to the FAQ page.  Also, feel free to read here for information about our machined RSA-5 fuel injection servo, "The Blackbird."


Hex Plug Inspection

Information about the Regulator Hex Plug Inspection (AD 2008-08-14) is available here.  The page includes a list of related publications.


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