About Precision Airmotive®

Precision Airmotive® is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of RSA® fuel injection systems.  Engine Manufacturers around the world rely on our expertise and engineering excellence to design systems for general aviation aircraft.  Precision engineers continue to make innovative updates to the RSA fuel injection system to meet the needs of today’s aircraft.

Precision provides the aviation community with factory new, rebuilt and overhauled RSA fuel injection servos. We also manufacture new, rebuilt and overhauled flow dividers, new and overhauled nozzles, as well as a complete line of replacement parts and kits available through factory authorized distributors.

Precision Airmotive® continues to manufacture quality fuel controls and other fuel-related parts for engine manufacturers, service centers, and distributors worldwide. The caliber of our products and the quality of the services we provide are hallmarks of a workforce whose commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensure that only products that meet strict quality standards leave the Precision factory.

Precision Airmotive takes great pride in its reputation earned through decades of meeting the needs of its customers. We offer innovative solutions to continue improving the performance and reliability of these Fuel Controls.

Innovation, quality, and demonstrated reliability position Precision Airmotive for success in the twenty-first century in general aviation.