Silver Hawk EX®

The Silver Hawk EX®, non-certified fuel injection system is proven technology drawn from decades of fuel metering engineering by Precision Airmotive® LLC. Manufactured as experimental, this Silver Hawk EX kit provides experimental aircraft with precise, dependable, and reliable fuel metering.

All Silver Hawk EX® Kits include:

  • New Servo
  • New Flow Divider*
  • New Nozzles*

* (Except EX235-2, single point injection and do not require or use a flow divider & nozzles)

There are no core charges with any experimental (“EX”) kits.

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Servos are supplied with a #6 straight inlet fitting and a #4 90 degree outlet fitting. Alternate outlet and pressure ports are capped with an AN814-4. Optional levers and fittings may be purchased by contacting the Product Support department.

Servo to engine and air-box mount gaskets are supplied. Flow divider mount brackets are not supplied.